We welcome all fresh students of Wesley College of Education Kumasi. The College envisions training a new kind of teacher for Ghana, by instilling discipline in her students.In setting out these simple rules to regulate College Life, the College wishes to reiterate that discipline is the bedrock of academic excellence. Remember that the motto of the College is “Quod bonum, est tenete” meaning Hold on to that which is good.

It is therefore crucial for students to open up to internalise and observe these rules and regulations for peaceful co-existence in the College community and to live up to the expectations of staff, past students and society in general, bearing in mind that you are undergoing training that will establish you as professionals and role models for future generations.

The Handbook includes excerpts from relevant Rules and Regulations that affect your life in the College. Attention is drawn to the communication channels among students and between students, on one hand, and Hall Master/ Warden, the General Administration and the Principal’s Office, on the other hand. These channels should be kept open and properly utilized in the interest of efficient administration and successful student life on campus.

We wish you a happy stay on campus.