T-TEL is an acronym for Transforming Teacher Education and Learning.

It is 4-Year Government of Ghana program supported by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development and managed by Cambridge Education of UK.

The main purpose of the T-Tel Program is to transform the delivery of Pre-Service Teacher Education in Ghana by improving the quality of teaching and learning through support to all 40 public Colleges of Education from 2014-2018.


Support Areas of the T-Tel Program Include;

  • Training and coaching for tutors in Mathematics, English and science and eventually develop some generic materials for tutors professional development]
  • Support to the management of the colleges and training of college principals
  • Support to reform of the pre-service teacher training curriculum
  • Support to the development of more effective student practicums
  • Work with MoE and regulatory bodies on the implementation of existing policies for teacher education
  • Set up a challenge to which Colleges of education and their partner districts and schools will be able to apply to carry out innovative initiatives
  • Establish a set of incentives for CoE to improve their management and training delivery


T-Tel Activities in Wesley College of Education

Wesley College has been very active in all T-TEL programs. Some of these programs include;

  1. Weekly College-based Professional Development sessions for all Tutors on Wednesday
  2. Leadership workshop for principals
  3. Development and implementation of College improvement plan and their related policies
  4. Implementation of payment by results programs
  5. Implementation of challenge fund award programs
  6. Cluster training for mentors in partner districts